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Frequently Asked Questions​

In a case whereby an account is not passed, You are automatically eligible for unlimited free retakes. 

A prop firm, also called a proprietary trading firm, is a company that uses its own money to trade in financial markets. Instead of handling other people’s money, they trade with their own funds. Traders working for these firms make trades using the company’s money and might get a part of the profits they make.

A prop firm funded account is a trading account provided by a proprietary trading firm, funded with the firm’s own capital. Traders use this account to make trades, and in exchange, they share a portion of the profits with the firm. This arrangement allows traders to access significant capital without investing their own money upfront.

A trader might want to join a prop firm for different reasons, such as:

  1. Access to Money: Prop firms provide traders with a lot of money to trade. This allows traders to make bigger trades and potentially earn more money than if they were using their own.

  2. Less Risk: Since the money comes from the prop firm and not the trader, there’s less risk involved. This is especially good for traders who don’t have a lot of their own money to invest or are new to trading.

  3. Helpful Tools: Prop firms give traders useful things like trading platforms, data feeds, and other tools to help them make smart trading choices. They also offer training, mentoring, and support to help traders get better at what they do.

  4. Sharing Profits: Many prop firms have a system where the trader keeps some of the money they make, and the firm gets a commission. This is good for traders because it encourages them to do well and rewards them for their success.

  5. Learn Discipline: Prop firms often have strict rules about trading and managing risks. This can help traders build discipline and develop good habits in their trading, which is a positive thing.

Challenge Pass
Our goal is to reach either 10% or 8%, depending on the prop firm’s preference. Our team of traders aims to meet the trading requirements for both phases within an average of 5-20 days, ensuring success

Funded Account Management
Upon successful passing of both phases, our team of funded traders will assist you in managing your funded account. Our goal is to achieve a minimum month

Loss Account Recovery
If your account is facing losses, you can share it with us, and our team will assist in recovering from those losses. We’ll work to bring it back to either a breakeven point or a positive balance, and if there’s enough time left, there’s a chance to pass the challenge.

Before we begin trading on your account, we must receive payment for the service charge for passing the evaluation in both Phases 1 and 2. This allows us to make trading operations on our trading floor more efficient.

We’re happy to have helped more than 1200 traders get funding with our services.

We’re proud of our high success rate, which is above 90%, and our proven track record of helping traders pass evaluations and handle their funded trading accounts successfully.

With over 95% of traders getting funded, our success rate shows that we’re doing a good job. Our team is committed to giving excellent service to all our clients.

Our skilled team of funded traders will assist you in passing the evaluation process by trading for you and making sure your account follows the prop firm’s trading rules.

Here’s how our evaluation passing service works:

  1. Buy a challenge account from your chosen prop firm (we suggest FTMO, MyForexFunds, TheFundedTraders, TrueForexFunds, and a few others).
  2. After buying the challenge account, share your login details with our team through WhatsApp/Telegram and pay for our challenge pass service.
  3. Our experienced traders will start trading for you to help you pass the evaluation.

When trading with a prop firm, we know how important it is to keep our clients’ information private and secure. Our team will do everything needed to make sure your privacy is safeguarded during the whole process.

To make sure the prop firm doesn’t know someone else is trading for you, we suggest not logging into your MT4/MT5 trading platform until you get a VPN or VPS service, or rely on our already purchased VPS service.

We use very secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to hide our IP address. This makes it nearly impossible for the prop firm to track the trading back to us. Our experienced traders know the evaluation and funded account management process well, allowing us to work smoothly without drawing any unwanted attention.

Our main goal is to help you pass the evaluation and manage your funded trading account without any problems. So, we take all necessary steps to keep your privacy intact throughout the whole process. If you have more questions or concerns about how we protect your privacy, feel free to reach out to us.

Our recommended payment methods for our services are currently Debit Card, Skrill, USDT TRC20 and BTC.

Our trading style is manually, where our experienced traders examine the market and make intelligent choices. We use our pacot trading strategy to analyze the market, and our experts study the market to find good opportunities before executing trades manually.

We avoid using Expert Advisors (EAs) because most brokerage firms prohibit their use. Instead,

Our Forex trading team bases our trading strategy on pure price action and smart money concepts. To discover the best trading opportunities employing scalping strategies, we conduct a rigorous research of market trends, price changes, and trade volumes.


We do not use technical indicators or trading software. Instead, we concentrate on evaluating market conditions and trends in order to make sound trading decision. Our professional traders have a strong eye for detecting lucrative trades and can assist clients in navigating the difficult world of Forex trading.


Our trading tactics are intended to assist our clients in achieving regular earnings and gradually growing their trading accounts. We believe that the secret to trading success is a disciplined, patient, and consistent approach.

We never risk more than 1% of each trade, and we always aim for a reward-to-risk ratio of at least 1:3. This means we’re willing to risk $500 to potentially make $1500.

These steps help us keep everything in check for both challenge and funded accounts.

We understand how important time is, and that’s why we’re committed to helping you finish the evaluation quickly and efficiently. We assure you that our team of expert traders can help you pass both Phase I and Phase II in less than 20 trading days, given our 97% success rate.

We take pride in our team’s commitment to managing risks and maintaining a steady trading mindset, which greatly reduces the chances of violating trading parameters. In case of any mishaps, though, we have a Refund Policy to promptly provide a refund.

We do allow a few Free Repeats in certain situations. This applies when the Trading Period is almost over, the account has a positive balance despite being submitted late, and there’s a significant drawdown. In these cases, our priority is to first restore the account to a positive balance before concentrating on meeting the profit goal.

For funded accounts, we aim for a minimum profit target of a 10% Return on Investment (ROI). Yet, if the market presents more appealing trading opportunities, we are open to pursuing them and aiming for even bigger gains. In fact, we have achieved a maximum ROI of 45% in the past.

Once we receive your login details and payment for the service charge, we’ll get your account set up right away. Trading will start in the next session after the enrollment process is finished.

Remember, trading on your own is strictly against our terms and conditions.

Also, we only trade during the London and New York trading sessions when there’s a good chance of success. This helps us avoid unnecessary losses.

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No, you are not permitted to place your own trades while we handle your challenge or trade your funded account. It is totally forbidden and a breach of our terms and conditions. Please keep in mind that no action is required on your part at this time.

Based on the maximum allocation authorized by each prop business, our service can assist clients in passing as many accounts as they can afford.

Our experienced and profitable traders may manage many accounts at the same time, ensuring that each account satisfies the prop firm’s profit target and risk management standards. We prioritize efficiency and quality in our services and work hard to help our clients meet their trading objectives.

We strongly encourage organizations that have already established themselves as reliable and trustworthy in the field. MFF, FTMO, TFT, TFF, E8, and a few other trustworthy prop firms are among our top choices. Almost all of our clients have received their payouts without any problems.

Once we successfully complete the review step and enter the funded account management phase, we’ll take care of all the trading on your behalf.

When the payout/withdrawal date approaches, the prop firm (in this example, FTMO) will notify you via email that your withdrawal is ready.

We’ll send you an invoice with our payment details for sharing our profit. Our target is to achieve a minimum realistic monthly return of 10%, but often we exceed this due to high probability setups (our highest return ever achieved was 45%).

For a $100,000 account, the profit share breakdown looks roughly like this:

  • 20% for the Prop Firm (FTMO) on the first withdrawal only. For the second withdrawal, their share will be reduced to 10%.
  • 40% for us as account managers (management fee).
  • 40% for you as the account owner, with your share increasing to 60% for the second withdrawal and beyond.

Yes, we provide loss/drawdown recovery services to clients who have lost money in their trading accounts. Our professional traders will examine your account and create a recovery strategy to assist you in recovering from losses and getting your account back on track.

We realize that losses are a natural aspect of trading, and that even the best traders suffer losses. Our recovery services are intended to assist clients in recovering from losses and regaining their trading confidence.

By clicking here, you can readily obtain client reviews, proof of our performance such as passed evaluations, payouts and withdrawals, and trading history.